[D-G] foucault: savages, barbarians, civilized man

Sylvie Ruelle sylvieruelle at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 6 01:22:56 PST 2004

  for some strange reason i am always led back to the notions of savage, 
barbarians, and
  civilized man.  i am wondering where this would tie in with the 
discussions we are having.

  Foucault's "Society Must Be Defended" has an excellent discussion of 
these notions and I
  would like to know a film that uses these notions.  So far I can think 
of "Quest for Fire" but
  I am not sure if it uses these notions in the proper sense of 
Deleuzian thought.  And, of
  course, it does not reach the point of civilized man in it's storyline 
but there must be a film
  where all three are included.  And I am also thinking of "Brotherhood 
of the Wolf" that
  might contain all three.

Ms. Sylvie Ruelle
rw_artette_lc at yahoo.com

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