[D-G] relax video after heavy corona virus break down

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 14:19:40 PDT 2020


The state of emergency is a "caisse de résonnance"
the source of the information is an intensity.
But the secular religion of the State and of the Community
is too solid, its segments are too hard, for the CoVid crisis fluidity to
be dealt with!
This makes suspended in the air a Platform of Redundancy
where nothing matters. Not intensities, but insanities only get explored
for the sake of clarity.
You have to notice that soccers games have been sheduled off for
a long period, and the soccer fanatics being the most
dematerialised people, those are heavily reterritorialising on this
redundancy box
which is The Media.
This comforts the Media and the State secular Religion
into some fatal negligence. Negligence towards Human adequate behavior
towards other Humans.
Humanity disappearing from the behavior of the State Religion is the main
first consequence
in this Covid Crisis.
You have to see from above, some distance off from the flow
of genital idiocy.
The structure of the State apparatus appears in my eyes to be contracting
inwards, inwards,
like a CovidVirus.

The humans in the structure are death stars managers and the Covid are
the little x-wing like contaminated flies buzzing amid the air

A time to get productivity and market alienated from human concerns : if we
stand in certainty that
relations being topmost priority,
we're becoming now on Earth the most endangered species.

Why are relations topmost priority here ?

- Because the final fantasy game is not concerned with the immaterial
designing and imagination of
the goal.

Best Regards,

Johnatan P.
(written with my friend Sonia)

Le ven. 20 mars 2020 à 21:59, Dewey Dell <dewey.dell5 at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Yes.
> you shouldn't pay too much attention to the beam of alarm call and you
> oughto avoid spreading false claims, indeed!
> Poets of all times, enjoyed to be creatives that have as well rich &
> healthy sources of inspirations.
> How does a covid 19 behave in neighborhood of a microscopic chromo-rhizome
> ?
> Can we have the heavy tide of alarm call as a source of inspiration, is
> this what you were trying to stand for?
> Everyone's brain caught in the same paralysing beam which amounts to this
> unilateral alarm call, that's a catastrophe
> for the cultural world of the whole planet, not just europe! The Guardian
> was "thinking" recently that
> the toll of this crisis lies into the political opinions
> to show no value anymore, but increased is coming the scientific power to
> acertain things, or even
> when failing doing so: as the more unsure the scientist, the better valued
> his or her stance against false rumors.
> The Guardian hardly ever think in poetic realms from which we were
> alienated from fear.
> By the fear of becoming ill or dead, we spread some longlasting trouble
> across the shadows of (non)-civilisations: a trouble which shall now
> outlive the virus!
> If your girlfriend is a source of inspiration, the better for you Johnny.
> Phone her, and have kisses on the skin. What's her name by the way, and
> where she from?
> My source of inspiration i am sure is Sylvia Jenepi. She is the best
> Messenger of the Republic of Ostya. She works for many people, but in
> particular for Queen Id'Zabillya.
> that's not nothing as inspiration goes in us thru her veins !
> Sure you can now take care bro,
> Have sweet dreams,
> Dewey Dell

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