[D-G] schizo seen by science

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 09:59:52 PST 2020

schizophrenia is (among other symptoms)  defined as perception
of sensations which do not exist.

they scientist lack basic knowledge
sensation is a pure positivity . besides as a sign, it points to something.

but science is giving tools for the physicians how to treat the "sick"

they don't mind not making science

if you see schizophrenia dedicated website on net
everyone being a mystic, everyone being bizarre

deleuze and guatttari recalling an universal schizophrenia
should be a moral guidance for physicians
helping people who do not want to be treated
as "wearing strange clothes"
and given easy jobs.

but we know physicians do not believe in their science
they are all too human:
just what they have in mind is as a physicians to be a human behaving
with a center and a periphery.

deleuze was frightened by the power of the physicians
(see his claire parnet interview)

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