[D-G] Clifford Duffy zig-zag post 68 Claire Parnet 1968 met in Vincennes

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 06:02:36 PDT 2020

how non - 68, how reactionary is dis idea?

there was this poet of Canada who created fake zig-zags
he the ones he created these fragilest connexions between a group
anglo-saxon poets who liked in the West Coast in boats after 1972 and
1985/6 in Vincennes
making appendices, feux grégeois and blogs which meant different
assemblages and european images looking brilliantly weird in their
loopholes eyes:
what a clogged future consciousness for Deleuze Guattari collectors of
phrases who feel hiding
instead than to spell 2 themselves their two cents mantra - spelled out
clearly - " to those who continue an underground movement  "
zigzagging a collection of micro collages mushroom moist cultures dj set of
acrimonious & Past writers,
they who are hyphenated nomads, they who anchor to 1000 Plateaus since the
dawn of time, and they who do not move from there even now,
whatever the decaying light do what you think to them,  considering how
with Clifford Duffy, how with Isidore Isou or with Guy Debord they best be
sabotaging the Hollywood Lights and the Festival de Cannes,
ain't you not led to believe how the unstable explosive radiation spraying
in regular rays from the dawn of Big Bang was in Ha Shem's demands wanted
to tweak the dissolve of Industrial Light and  Magics Hollywood plane of
immanence on the coast, from LA to Vancouver, and wait there on the Cliff
Edge of the Pacific Brim centuries after centuries alongside the Psalmist's
Bed of the deads,
 raining down >>   spooky and simply ghosts  <<  and pouring to drink dark
matter in the Future world's a-nomadic standing still big bang, these
poets' very souls?


Le lun. 29 juin 2020 à 04:15, Johnatan Petterson <
internet.petterson at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Reza Negarestani
> @NegarestaniReza
> <https://twitter.com/NegarestaniReza>
> On last June the 16th,
> Reza Negarestani tweeted this:
> Elite modernism is the only way to the future: if you don't have
> manifestos printed with sleek fonts, if you don't have engineering
> blueprints of moon gulags and actual recipes to dethrone god, then most
> probably you found job in a wrong ministry of propaganda.
> Le sam. 20 juin 2020 à 17:16, John Young <jya at pipeline.com> a écrit :
>> "1968" has scleroticized 1968, stultified
>> remembrance of the year's diverse sand grains
>> into an unpassable kidney stone, like "1492" and
>> "1945" and "Holocaust" oyster-pearl genocide.
> And the 17th of June 2020 Reza Negarestanii tweeted this:
> When Augustine says that you should be illuminated from below, what does
> he actually mean?

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