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hi rsa rld,
when you made this question appear on the server
i was glad to see your name appear finally somebody else than
Mike and Johnny Pett commenting and enriching the server.

it would be intelligent from me to know before answering you
but i don't know how to use wikkipedia (i am frightened by this platform)
i don't know if Coluche was fighting for Presidency during 1981 or
instead 1988. either with VGiscard D'Estaing and Mitterand
or between Chirac and Mitterand. What surprised me was that Coluche
was about to win the election, and found himself frightened by the
possibility of winning,
and resigned. i found in Deleuze's remarques in Negotiation an understanding
of this later resignation and appreciation of this moral choice by Coluche.

Alas Coluche died on his moto and we don't know what would be his opinion
on Bepe Grillo or Marine LePen.

I think considering some facebook recent statements appearing at the
occasion of the endless debates in the european elections,
that people have lost any sense of where they are living. they support
ideas because they feel
surrounded by a movement of opinions. Deleuze and Coluche did not know this
dolby surround fx of opinion.
As anyone i guess subscribed to this server, you will have read What is
Philosophy? and have taken note
of Deleuze's consideration on the "opinion", which he felt like giving a
negative sign, whereas the "concept"
if sometimes signed by the grey shame as philosophy, at least the concept
is part of the book (What is Philosophy?) own flight line
towards the shadows of chaos @ the open-end at the close of the book.
yet nuanced negative sense, because by reading his comment on opinion, you
get a sense that we are Deleuze included
perhaps all guilty of exchanging opinions. Somehow this christian guilt
towards the pagan greek opinion exchanged at the table
of happyness , this christian guilt deserves more than ever a Nietzscean
counter perpective in the age of the "dolby surround " opinion.
I would say that Bepe Grillo or Marine Le Pen are not happy enough. They
are sad. They bring sadness. A bit like Dieudonné antisemitic jokes, they
are made up of such propagated (propaganda) lunacy which propagates their
sad lunacy and dolby or 5.1 surround opinion everywhere,
or at least far further than their circle of interprets .  They have "given
up the ghost, and everything follows with a dead certainty ".
Henry Miller, in "The Time of the Assassins" calls for the poet not commit
by joining the Assassins. Lest he forgets the joy of freeing a great number
of people from grips of Death.

Perhaps Coluche restrain from freaking out entirely is a good moral choice,
after all.
Often the comics, like Peter Sellars or Harpo Marx have something
depressive or stern in their core which ties
them with everybody else. Why Bepe Grillo, Marine LePen and Dieudonné are
not good comics? because they stand for a party,
in opposition. Undo like Andrew Culp's cruelty , they have lost
inventiveness.  The opinions in propagations on facebook make you wonder
why an opinion needs be anchored
onto a "party": either you stand with Iran, either with France, either with
USA, ad nauseam.. the secret of a happy opinion was
ever not to stand for any party. Like the nano particle  opinion made by
feeding on minerals salts. If Coluche had been elected President,
he would have had to relate to the Army, to the Ministers, to the
Opposition. He would have lost his job in the entertainment industry, and
would have
had to forget  the mineral salts of existence.

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> >About politics , I was always interested the reason because Gilles
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> >And the impact of this choice.
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