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dear Jonathan,

i guess Deleuze was just answering to
the critics who claimed he was a master of philosophy,
Deleuze correction implying the student of his philosophy was
not to feel obliged to follow his philosophy
as worshipers of the christian and muslim faith did:
as if there was a written law to which the faithful or a mysterious
is obliged to submit to.

instead, the word 'eternal truth' appeals to the reader
of Deleuze's concepts ignorance:
according to Spinoza, so did Adam after taste of the fruit
of evil and good was, if one reads the words 'truth',
an aperitif to the consequence of the eating.

the ambiguity between evil and good has been noted by Spinoza.
it is a relief to notice this ambiguity and to profess it,
let Spinoza be applauded for it, publicly, for his discovery and profession

the mysterious reader of the law of truth was so convenient for instituting

the mysterious reader of this law was inscribed within the text which
religion as a warrant of the sins of the readers.

so much that when Deleuze removes necessity of morality,
he removes the master and the reader,
only remains immanence absolute

On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 1:40 AM Johnatan Petterson <
internet.petterson at gmail.com> wrote:

> do someone here knows why G.Deleuze talks of
> physics' laws, as 'eternal truths' (vérité éternelle)
> saying 'we should talk' of 'eternal truth' instead than of 'laws of
> nature',
> because the word 'law' has a moral after taste .
> was Deleuze attacking the morality of his times with the notion of an
> eternal truth?
> considering his works like ATP which gave a physician turn to many branches
> of the sciences,
> there must be something deeper in Deleuze than criticizing the label "laws
> of nature",
> ok but why then to return to such a word like eternal truth,
> which enters into contradiction with his conception of philosophy as
> creation by concepts?
> as well i wish i knew what he meant as a reality of reference by the name:
> <<états de choses>>
> (states of affairs or states of things)
> ?
> anyone?
> J
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