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Mon Mar 18 19:41:21 PDT 2019

" music is the creative , active operation that consists in
the refrain " i see bogue conference

so the reader understands why misperception, falsification and ironical
of retrogradable rythm at will, full part of the avant-guarde of the XX
century, has so
strongly influenced the contemporaneous art, like bacon or beckett, or
more contemporaneously,
mike lansing or cliffor duffy , and we just say that although we
naturally agree to the messianic conception of rythm,
we are not  artists and humans beings interested in such
a deteritorializing activity of the artists and of the humans beings.

ps have you understood why and how much smart phone people in the tramways
now have unilaterally stopped reading books?
that is not depressing and motivates so strongly against perception and
misperception, falsification and
its opposite ' acertaintification ' . humans in tramway stop producing art
or having anything to add or offer to anybody
other than the ghost writing this present message. this humanity does not
deserve to enjoy their smart phone.
if you happen to be a human and find a smartphone to be " yours" with this
message on a screen, thanks to the misperception of the Trident,
 in the next live you shall discover you were actually a dog and you do not
own the screen on which you are reading this message,
and this message had as destination someone else than the future self, and
as you do not deserve to play with you karma, learn to own your smart
retro-cede your existence away from this message !!

Le dim. 17 mars 2019 à 20:23, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
écrit :

> One can watch as Bogue explains "added value" in this youtube video at
> timepoint 17:48.
> Oliver Messiaen and Becoming Bird
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvx-HEWC2Oo
> The reader may also ask as did John Beasley-Murray: "What is the value
> at the point of exchange?"

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