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p 189 éditions de minuit 1980 - (plateau 6)
<< on avait choisi le Lieu, La Puissance, le Collectif (il y a toujours un
collectif même si l'on est tout seul) >>

<< we chose the Place Where(Eretz Israel), The Power(Ha Shem), the
Collective(Bnei Israel) (there is always a collective even if one is alone)

in the quote Antonin.A. letter to Hitler
the map is not only "geographical". a map of intensities.

what are the consequences of a cyborg internet on geography ?
if geography is part of The Place , defines it ?
or is there no geography, not even a geology, if there are only intensities
and heacceities ?

is internet something as a big signifiant, a FACE kite, a vamp ?

the Internet-FACE

who speaks in the Internet-FACE - Mouth - organ ??

On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 4:48 AM Johnatan Petterson <
internet.petterson at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi
> can't locate the passage in ATP
> where the CSO is caracterised by three factors:
> 1) the crowd, what peoples the CsO, or the collective
> 2) the intensity
> and i cannot remember what is the third factor
> is it the place ?
> do you know anyone?
> thank you
> JP
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