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Errata: the excerpt below is from Markova's Science and Religion:
Problems, Boundaries.

JP wrote: "they can go to Paris"

The French Connection: Dobas Fighters Don Yellow Vests (video)
" and actually, that's why I think we find some of them in Paris now,
because they think "yellow vest" movement is also a way to fight
against oligarchy, against capitalism....France does not allow anyone
to fight freely anywhere." '

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>'Filosofskoe obosnovanie nauki v XVII v. stroilos' kak by v begstve ot
>etoi pustoi beskonechnosti : u Spinozy - causa sui, u Lebnitz - monady,
>u Dekarta - Bog.
>Philosophical substantiation of science in the 17th century was built
>as if escaping from an empty infinitve.
>V filosofii XVII veka byli sformirovany osnovaniia myshleniia, kotorye
>sdelali vozmozhnym nauchnoe isledovanie: sootvetstvuiushchie poniatiia
>prichiny, dvizheniia, vremeni, prostranstva i t.
>In the philosophy of the 17th century, they were forming the basis of
>thinking that made scientific research possible: the corresponding
>concepts of cause, motion, time, space, etc.'
>(Klebnikov P, Razgovor s varvarom [Conversation with a Barbarian])
>Forthcoming, we will transliterate/translate Nukhaev's referral to a
>passage from Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. 
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