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i guess State is not the realization of a preexisting identity.
There are Civilization becomings: the Egyptians of antiquity are known for
having persevered
in a status quo for a long period. Yet, their were constant variation.
Otherwise a new flow of novelist would persevere in Today's Russia, the
same quality input
and renovation of the talent it was during
the times of Dostoevsky, Gogol, etc. It seems Literature becomes different.
The Arts become different. Thus we cannot say State are
coming like the Angel Gabriel to Virgin Mary. State is always in the
What do you think, talking about Community, about this topic:
The Jewish Community in Belgium is about to leave the country. 2019 - 5779
the same in other European Countries.
Authorities found the way Muslims do halal butchery improper, violent for
the animals.
So they decided to oblige Muslims to kill in "a Belgian way", like the
But they felt incapable to annoy the Muslims, without annoying Jewish
religious way of killing the animal.
They had to invent, a Jewish-Muslim problem when considering the killing of
our animals.
They had to group those two religions in one group exterior which need to
dissolve into one unique Christian Rule.
Now Jews have customs for killing animals in Belgium since the Middle-Ages.
Why to change that? They have to have "a problem"
They are "philosophers" the heirs of Aristotle & Plato. a Philosopher needs
a problem. They cannot consider the singularity of the Jewish faith.
Ignorant. Incapable to allow their Philosophers to think thru becoming.
They need group to command the order in the State. They need
the assumption of a preexisting identity. The groups of non Christians
opinion subsumed under the State have an identity preexisting
which needs to be abolished.
Jewish life has become impossible in Europe, because Ha Shem orders
thinking Jewish Life when you are a Jew.
If you are atheist Jew, you cannot escape thinking: what happens: its 2000
years Jews have killed animals in Northern Europe
in a way, that is not allowed anymore, because of ChristianoIslama


On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 7:53 PM Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> wrote:

> 'Just as the deep reflection of the subject leads to
> self-understanding, just as it leads the subject to realize what it
> really is, soo too a developed Sittlichkeit enjoins us to realize the
> values of our society, to bring about the order that already is, so
> that there is no gap between what ought to be and what is, between
> Sollen and Sein. In both the psychological and social versions, no
> transformation is called for but merely a process of recognition and
> ordering. The resulting subject (whether an individual consciousness or
> a State) is the realization of a preexisting identity. The solution to
> the theoretical search for a situated and autonomous subjectivity and
> the political quest for a coherent ethical life in society, a national
> community, fit together as homologous processes in a continually
> expansive dialectical argument. The notions of reflective, situated
> subjectivity and community that these communitarians propose lead
> finally to the proposition of the State as the fully realized subject.
> The community conceived on a local level cannot take on a full meaning.
> Communitarians continually postulate the community as the expression of
> who we are without giving any particular specifications of this "we."
> In fact, if one were to try to conceive the community in local terms
> based on specific commonalities -- a community of auto workers, a
> community of gay men, even a community of women -- we would have to
> qualify this in Taylor's terms as a "partial community." Such a
> community cannot assume the role of a fully realized subject, but can
> only discover (through reflection) its identity as a whole. This is why
> Sandel, when he tries to be more precise about the nature of community,
> speaks of the national community.
> ....
> We have traced two lines of interpretation inspired by Rawls's work
> that have each played particularly prominent roles in the last fifteen
> years. While the two diverge in important aspects, they share the
> common project of theorizing the marginalization of labor in the
> constitution and the real subsumption of society in the State. In the
> first version, the postmodern interpretation of Rawls, the autonomy of
> the juridical order of the State is established not through an
> engagement with social forces, but rather through a process of
> abstraction from them. The political method of avoidance separates the
> juridical system from social reality so that questions of right tend to
> be resolved in a mechanical process of balancing abstract inputs to
> achieve a global equilibrium. This abstract projection of society is
> subsumed within the State automatically because the modes of existence
> in the social simulacra are products of the system itself. The
> postmodern subsumption thus has an artificial, mechanical quality. The
> second tendency, however, gives a more substantial version, but one
> that points to the same process of subsumption. In this case the
> juridical system is not abstracted from society but rather it is
> imagined to infuse society at all levels. Law constitutes social
> subjects in line with the order of the State, and thus society is
> created as a pacific order within the State arrangement. The various
> social subjects, the "partial communities," are merely modes of the
> State itself. At first glance, thyen,the debate between liberals and
> communitarians seems to be repeating a historical conflict between
> supporters of the rights State and proponents of the social State, but
> on further reflection we find that the two positions are merely two
> strategies intent on the same project -- the subsumption of society
> within the State. Like the real subsumption of labor within capital
> that Marx foresaw, this real subsumption of society within the State
> marks a new era of social relations and requires a new paradigm of
> social theory.'
> (H&N, LoD, The Real Subsumption of Society in the State)
> Islamochristian Sharia Morphing: Copulations of Church and State
> Moscow Times 14 Jan 2019 2 Tortured to Death in New Anti-Gay Purge in
> Chechnya, Activist Says
> '....Everything is being done so that they can't flee the country.'
> This is reminiscent of the time when the borders were closed to prevent
> escape in Argentina which produced 30,000 desaparecidos. See Graziano,
> Divine Violence: Spectacle, Psychosexuality, and Radical Christianity
> in the Argentine 'Dirty War.'
> Moscow Times 21 Dec 2018 OSCE Calls on Russia to Investigate 'Grave'
> Rights Abuses in Chechnya
> 'A court in southern Russia upheld a decision to not investigate the
> alleged 27 extrajudicial killings.'
> Moscow Times 7 Jan 2019 2nd Russian City Halts Ticket Sales for 'Gay'
> BTS Film
> 'Then catalyst for the disrupted sales in the Muslim-majority city was
> a conservative page on Russian social media, which called the premiere,
> "the best way to offend the Chechen people." '
> 6 Jan 2019
> https:vk.comwall-75107421_436980
> ' "one should understand it's not at all about the film. It's about our
> opposition to assimilation." '
> The Chechen people are contradicting themselves. Before Islam
> infiltrated (assimilated) Chechnya, there were hundreds of various
> languages and the only religion that could be called one would have
> been paganism.
> Moscow Times 14 Jan 2019 "Pray for Us" Religious Billboards Seek to
> Keep Drivers Safe in St. Petersburg
> '....sixty billboards depicting Orthodox saints.'
> This opportunism to tap into the lucrative market of petroleum
> addiction meshes with other drug addictions besides religion, which can
> also be defined as a physical disease. This is reminiscent of a
> billboard placed outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, depicting a bearded
> Jesus H. Christ with the caption, "You Can't Escape from His Paradise."
> Moscow Times 14 Jan 2019 Russian Authorities Begin Investigation of
> Memorial Rights Group
> '....allegations that it acted as a foreign agent.'
> From whom did Gulen purchase the Pennsylvania real estate?
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> >in the following excerpt from Petterson ( *Fri Dec 14 14:49:39 PST
> 2018*
> >*)* : <<
> >
> >Johnny Pett said: "But I don't think ATP would have included the idea
> >> of a Visible State (perceptible to the Persona) as a terrorist entity
> >> as Lacan had said (your quote).'
> >>
> >
> >>> what was attempted, on the purest subjective or personal lesson,
> >was making something as "the State" visible. the "State" is something
> >about which often people talk, yet it seems an abstraction, thus
> invisible,
> >when Johnny does not
> >remember if DG were talking about the "State" as an Abstraction. one of
> >Petterson's idea
> >was thus to compare two different places where two different State
> exist,
> >and look
> >for signs of Violence at the frontier between two Machiavellian Orders,
> >to seek the Terror which marks Apollon-Lacan as the sign of the
> State(s).
> >Yet, later on , the notion of "Centrality" helped Petterson to have a
> more
> >refined notion of the "State".
> >(see previous 01/10/2019) . We hope to make Central Command of State
> >relatable in Petterson's Perception as well.
> >
> >Perceiving The State's Morphology is important in order to decipher the
> >other Regimes of Signs exterior to State.
> >
> >what are the origin of formation of the state in Mike's understanding,
> and
> >does State have a show in Perception in Mike's Person?
> >
> >it seems by the way to Johnny Petterson: when understanding the signs
> >emanating from this charm interview of France 24;
> > that the aforementioned Gulenist movement is the one behind the Coup
> of
> >Summer 2017, because he has entered honestly
> >in dispute with Erdogan after having "loved" him? Is this something
> which
> >Mike would want to validate in one way or another, or rather
> contradict?
> >
> >
> >Best Regards,
> >
> >Johnny
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >>
> >> If ATP states that the State always arises already formed, the
> >> contradiction would be to disagree with the origins of its formation,
> >> visible or not visible, a kind of oxymoron when relating to
> perception.
> >>
> >> Gulen imitates the migrant UK Founding Fathers by going to
> >> Pennsylvania, and once there tries gets arrogant and cock-sure while
> >> instilling terror in the hearts of the U.S. prisoners by stating that
> >> "I don't think either Trump or any other U.S. president will tarnish
> >> the reputation of the United States around the world and submit to
> >> these unreasonable demands by the Turkish president.'
> >>
> >> This statement can be viewed at time-point 1:46 in the video.
> >>
> >> Gulen
> >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QseSvczllw
> >>
> >>
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