[D-G] analysis of a fake news

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 05:12:47 PDT 2018

 Let's face it Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari
wrote for the ignorants:

there is no <<War Machine>>, there ain't no Striated Space transformed by
an Exteriority, there is a New Immancence in 2018:
<<Smooth Space>> and <<Abstract Nomad Line>> do testify for the lack of Old
Immanence in our Post 68 Space.

they wrote for ignorants, and they failed doing so it seems, or they
but the task now of writing for ignorants has changed because of Fake News.
So was 1991 Chaosmosis Aestetical Paradigm created.

now in 2018 Trump uses the fake truth to help USA vote for him, and we ask
for extreme right to be accepted in the european democratic debate. This is
certainly quite smooth a development, and fast.

if you want, the Rhizome as a notion, was apt to connect the non-philo 68
Corps Sans Organes (BwO) , the zero of Ignorance, so could become
Philosophers, and could Sensational Conceptual Art become given a greek
letter <<Phy>> for paying attention to the Minitel Rose development, the
Auto - Techno Phylum? But <<Phylum>> it was a Transcendental Being, like
Man, like Stone, it had no <<essence>> no dynamos.

How to do like Geoffroy Saint-Hillaire, if you live in USA, ressurect the
fossils into the Middle Eastern Chaoid Oil Sea!! Connect & Add Micro-Biotic
Agents into the Corps sans Organes !  Fill them up, instead than aligning
in the many Kafkayan Joker Clubs! Do not Begrudge the Chaos with them!

The Ignorants exist because of Lazy Chaos, they vote wrong because of Lazy
and they are severed from the Kafkayan Wises, who accept the extreme right
because they can not invent Intelligent ways of Working. Work is evil, or
part of the Gothic Abstract Line, the Wheel, it's a necessary step for
building the Trump Gothic Cathedral. So instead than seeing this Cathedral
as ugly, let's add Micro-Biotic agents in the crystaline inorganic eyes of
the Sculptures, the Ignorant need to take a flesh bath of Immanence, away
from unbalanced Pessoa and Rimbaud.

Happy ThanksGiving Holy Days
JohnNatan Peter Son

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