[D-G] how to carry on discussions on O.F.S. ?

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 10:38:56 PDT 2018

hi all.

i think discussion can be problema-tique to un-discontinue:

ruth chandler used to be spreading here, yet she resumed accademia
dr harald seems to be doing yoga-mathematics on his own
and clifford duffy has re-created valencies with minor characters on his
paul levy, inna, dan smith have become successful book accademics

may-be just discussing to me seems interesting because i like the written

yet i think web construction is money, job oriented, aswell intellectuals
in uni do this for good, not for experimentation. i don't know why, except
because humans like it better to join strifs in jobs, instead than everyone
building a general intellect which would be a singular intellect.
and ofs seems disorienting to many
lurkers: they don't know what to gain from creating a discussion.

at the moment, i think charles darwin and the theory that genes and
are obscurantist: : why should the genes be something which belongs to this
why should there be this focus on such tiny elements.they sure belong to
the biological strata of proteine,and such. but should the behaviors be
seen as "expressions" of genes: like another
strata.besides i guess the expression in strata match with the plastic. but
i am not sure
the biological strata should fill the role of content. i think the
biological role to be 'essential'.
yet it's like a layer, a bit like the nerves in a steak.what is tasty, the
affects, and the actions, are driving the body.but the brains schizophrens
are directed by the dead concepts created by accademia.so the steak never
talk in ofs as a result. hopeless.

yet, to destroy the world of university, the death of philosophy since
the killing of Socrates, and subsequent creation of Accademia by Plato,
this was the end of the bare steak philosopher. since Platon and his
school, the philosopher needs to hide behind authority, seriousness and
philosophers are teachers of the nerves, of biology.

salute to everyone!!

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