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.Sylvia_Jenepi. sylvia_jenepi at brokenvessels.xyz
Fri Jun 8 17:46:57 PDT 2018

oh, yes, come to orbital flat surfaces!!

& the book is published:
"Geométrie de la Constellation Rêvée"
"Geography of the Constructed Mind"
<<Le Schéma de Taltli>> is out in bookstores, on amazon:


i am writing my Sylvia Jenepi - autobiography, my life experience was so 

On 08.06.2018 21:36, malgosia askanas wrote:
> Dear All,
> I believe this list has long outlived its subscribers' interest in
> discussing Deleuze and Guattari; moreover, should you experience a
> re-stirring of such interest, Sylvia Jenepi's vividly-colored Orbital
> Surface at
> 	https://orbitalflatsurface.xyz/
> to which we have all been invited a few months ago, offers a new
> medium for such discussions.  Consequently, in a day or two I intend
> to close down this list.  Its archives, of course, will continue to be
> accessible at
> 	http://www.driftline.org  (old posts)
> and
> 	http://lists.driftline.org/pipermail/deleuze-guattari-driftline.org/
> (more recent posts)
> Malgosia Askanas
>  .
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