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2018-01-02 6:13 GMT+01:00 Brian Holmes <bhcontinentaldrift at gmail.com>:

>  The whole point of being an intellectual is to see what's emerging on the
> horizon.
> best, Brian

the techno phylum could aswell have impacted us, as intellectuals, pointing
to a time approaching,
questioning the sense of 'there people' seeing what happens next.
but that could be said, because the reader doesnot fully agree with the
definition of the intellectual task ahead.
(there could well be intellectual tasks ahead, but the professions of taxi
driver, of truck driver or of intellectual,
could become right now modified by deep learning)
is an intellectual task, then, about 'seeing' what's ahead? why? a robot
can manage that, it can points its sensors
better than shaking individuals intellects wondering about their status in
society as 'intellectuals'.
or would we need "artificial intelligence" drivers: its just getting thru
the membrane for us, the erectus/sapiens, no?

or, if not, let's imagine a new job, like the one of :'intellectual'
driver: it consists into the management of multiplicities of intellectuals,
such as
already existing 'internet forum moderator' holds as a symptom of the
contemporaneous becoming, no??

woody allen already imagined a tiny robot dog being schizo-analyzed
successfully by an sound/image , see 'sleeper'.

no, more 'seriously', let's face it, the artificial intelligence artistic
(mediocre) success, only depends upon the lack of feeling, senses, and
_productivity_ of
the audience. ( the critics, the curators of a.i. art have empty heads)-

to this there are two way to tackle this issue:
1) see the audience as trapped by her lack of skills, surrounded by demonic
2) imagine interfaces between demonic robots, a way to tame the robots by
them the audience stands waiting : expecting to learn the deep learning.
thus the robots will become 'inventors', they will have to find out how to
parts of their deep learning discoveries, shape new standards, which
audience will learn to enter in resonance with.

all in all, there is no more intellectuals in this perspective.
why should there be?


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