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Sylvia Jenepi sylvia_jenepi at brokenvessels.xyz
Thu Feb 22 15:39:05 PST 2018

may-be it's because we're also a painter, inhabited (and so pleased by so many profuse uses of color) by digital high saturations in colors, that i encourage,
prisoners of so many black and white boards, to get into the
past beyond the metaphor, the permutation of colors, and use a text editing
software shouldst they wish to see black and white, when working on 'text' & to write, or read.
so, i think it's not a big problem, according to the jimini cricket living in me.
i am a bit more  concerned by the nature of your metaphor: what if there was more than five people here , interested
to continue this deleuze - guattari mailing list in the future on the orbital flat surface,
instead than on facebook meme groups and drift-lines. ?

i 'd be very enthusiast, if prisoners/visitors/guards/- should for example propose new sub-sections (ideas) to our new forum..
any suggestion would be taken with humour and seriousness alike by moderator. earnest, constructively.

that's the interest to create a community as a rhizome from drift-line.

that'd be a joy, and could attract people from other universes.

(ps) i have taken some speed from my editors (or say, publishers), but will try to add a link as come later a smart-guess-preview
pdf of some first pages of the book. it's a magic live dead book, the printing inks are perfect, very deep, and the drawings intermingle i am adamant, with the essay, each different,
a -20 years of work- book, for a single 160 pages, hey, that's lot more concentration of work (in image but i pledge in text as well, in English & in French it slays) more work
than atp i'd reckon', so please bookmark anon the amazon page, and get you a copy, i browse it in the morning, on night time,
(28€ it sells like, 35$) when you have seen the smart-previews soon available on amazon says amazon.

in English spoken countries, i thus have no other distribution but the amazon.co.uk online store, which i know is
industrial, and ' sensually wrong' but as i work in French and the West-Phoenician countries, the book is sensually correct,
i have no much other contacts than such a drift-list or orbital flat surfaces to get my writing going, and
paintings known in the big-big world via such as an online amazon.co.uk store,
and an ugly advertising promo such as the present one obviously is becoming now.)

i am wondering though, and share my questions:  if you would pay 35$, even if you see the preview of the
first pages. my idea was that it could be an art collector work.
(because each drawing is so singular, also one each from the other, and related
to text, essays, articulations, jointures and bones)
but the texts are related to deleuze and guattari, or may-be not, but
they come related to the intellectual/technological/abstract machine which has absorbed their work,
and the ones of (some of) their contemporaneous and daughters&sons they 'd say.
so i think it could well become soon an interesting book in the future.
should you spend 35$ or wait for it to come in the Idaho or Alabama 
Public Library in the years 2030? difficult to tell.

that raises the question of the audience. gilles deleuze talks about
building a 'transversal audience' in Proust & signs.

so, what could be the transversal audience of such a book:
('Geography of the Constructed Mind' is the English name while,
'Géométrie de la Constellation Rêvée' is the French name)
- quite well off, the cosmopolitan wealthy art collectors ?
- yeah, designers in the cinema industry (the producers, the directors, the td's animation engineers, from Hollywood, but also CineCita,  ?)
- and what concerns the circle of friends: the poor intellectual schizophrenics, is this a cliché in the fight against the label of cliché and the essence of cliché? the abstract machine of 
political and metaphysical and ethical and aesthetical abstract machine of friends of dg ?  the connectors of Universes Incorporeal, some currents speaking to each one, the exhibition: a meeting place of such spoken currents?
- hopefully some new kind of writer, mixing and differentiating, intensifying artistic mediums of expression, i'd not say
new kind of readers, that 'd be somehow pretentious, false. 

but how about spending 35$, when you can easily get a cheaper copy of atp ?
(it's a question, my subjective partisan side as creator of (the) book, affecting my understanding,
arousing a question like that!) -  


Your orbital flat surface features pink and off-white lettering on a purple background.  As far as I am concerned, this is not a workable color scheme for reading.  It may work well for a strictly write-only forum, with absolutely no reading involved.


An astonishingly dipshit URL for addiction to screenal space. If you take the > and < out of it, it might work so that the prisoners can see the webpage.

<< ok, ty !! >>

Not exactly a meme. a book what!! Yet a typical post-deleuze-&-guattari
cinema littéraire, in French and English, about Artificial Intelligence, or
how it relates with Toynbee's Monads, Universes of Values: their
connections by Paintings and Cinema, Utopia. https://www.brokenvessels.xyz
+ a new forum https://orbitalflatsurface.xyz/ if you want to take the long
time discussions around those themes, themes like memes, and much and much,
more !!! - rdv in Brussels for the exhibition -
https://www.facebook.com/dewey.dell.5  << if you only want to see, to see
the Invitation <<

Best ,
Dewey Dell

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