[D-G] memo

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 18:15:35 PST 2018

do anyone here understands the fight between republicans and democrats,
it's been months since they arguing on the question whether the US
has leant to the world:
either it's Obama & Clinton, who gave too much power to China
or it's Trump who's suspected of international collusion.

is it something to do with US as Regime, to be squared, and focused on

i think it's obvious, from this internal administrative view, that the
upper caste of the politics in US, must, for sure,
have ties, financial, tactical, opinions, with other world castes and
financial, tactical, opinions.

we just do not know to what an extent, and i admit it might seem
interesting to know.

i am personaly fed up of the media dragging us behind this fight, this
wait, about something
which will surely never be known.

whatever happens , for example if Friday POTUS says, let this memo be aired
the situation will surely bounce, and a new conflict will loom up.

even though, i think US upper caste (i just mean by that the 'politicians')
is struggling with itself about a multi-lateral world.

but this has already been said, how US might not be capable to stand
unilateral super-power king.

yet i don't think this kind of theory, ie. between US unilateral, and
multi-lateral world, is important.
i am sure you deleuze-guattari mille plateau will agree.

what i wonder is rather Poland: Poland is criticized by a majority opinion
transcontinental upper caste & media. may-be Poland went 'just a little too

and that's what we shall learn from tomorrows media.

somebody will have been 'a little bit too far'.

let's see?

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