[D-G] Perpignan en Catalunya - from the philosophical point of view./

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 13:54:07 PDT 2017

to someone answering to the yesterday's post, alluding to Deleuze being
used in Accademic mise en scènes as a name,
probably hiding a Dark Deleuze:

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 I generously accept the criticism. I certainly don't know 'theory' as to
what relates to this list aura.
I have an habit to post to Virginia-e (the deleuze-guattari list there),
but not anymore it seems, emptied due to the facebook plateforms,
and may-be the explosion of the deleuze-guattari bubble into many various
directions (Stengers, Harraway, Shapiro, Cvlp, the object theorists, the
french, Agamben, Hubermann etc, etc etc..)
I can understand that it will be hard to understand, in regard to this
explosion, what Theory is, or how in what could it be portrayed. But I am
talking about Philosophers, singularities, lucioles.
Now if the Theory you'r thinking about, is the one concerned by the
excellent work around what I have seen from your peers and yours about
cyberology, it might not be Philosophy.
But there can be 'passerelles', mutual interests from further developments
happening in the many travels. I myself (in my work) do not i imagine
idolize Text, nor Concepts. Concepts, are Ideas being handled, by Minds of
Man I guess.
I try to express my Concepts by Cinema . Yet - as like in this moment - I
use Text to develop relationship with people ( off or 'on' the Wwww. )
instead than writing a diary. i think it helps me to think further, but its
not the goal i set to myself, of course. And other ways happen when it
comes to think 'deep', than talking on the phone.

Yet in general, I find that the attitude of the experts, and there should
be experts in the EU Parliament deciding Territory in Catalunya, in
Strasbourg or whomever decides for the philosophy behind the EU Projects
noticing how Deleuze (who is one of most recent philosopher to have
developed to such a high degree of refinement in analysis possibilities,
details in conceptualisations) how Deleuze as Text, as conceptual fabrique,
categorized by these experts, and seing how stuck the EU is to think its
future, how shy, that was the sense of what i said, we have the people and
the emotions, and it is each citizen  who needs to develop
an ability to think ("dresser un peuple de penseurs" Nietzsche) that is the
role of theory. But 'references' are important, like Plato or Spinoza, but
i admit my posts being lazy in explanation as to why I mention a name, i
don't want to be a professional philosopher or handler of concepts. And I
do not qualify the talks between the experts in EU politics or the experts
in deleuze, i do not say they are
capable to Create, to Think Creatively (which is not a accumulative slogan
on my keyboard) . For that we need years time, each citizen on his own to
study and experiment, invent one's methods of creation. Solitude is
certainly exceptionally rich in existencial textures. Like the idea of
Territory as a tool to understand the
problem in Catalunya, is not a word I found in Beckett, but years of living
and meditation on living with sensations, which I decided to call such,
'territory' and use it to evaluate, help others evaluate my life. again,
Deleuze , and Guattari, have reading their texts, it has helped me pay
attention to the 'singular' value behind a word, like this one (Territory)
for instance.
Others being the experts in texts and keyboard and conference rooms  of the
EU or the Ayuntamiento.

So i wondering if 'concepts as productive common denominators' would you
imagine it as a kind of Common Territory (be it happening on the internet,
or in the countryside or the urban landscape?)

Thanks for your gifts, most precious enjoy I they arrived here !

Best Regards,

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2017-10-04 12:34 GMT+02:00 Johnatan Petterson <internet.petterson at gmail.com>

> Holà Todo!
> yesterday, There was about 700 of us walking peaciful in the streets of
> Perpignan, we: in sympathy, our nerval ganglions in happy solidarity with
> people in Barcelona, which is a city in the south of Catalunya.
> Emmanuel Macron and his government directed by Edouard Philipe, boast
> being 'Reformists', progressists, and surf on re-invention of Europe.
> Jean-Luc Mélenchon and France Insoumise seems to align on the traditional
> role of French Institutions, which heigth was at the times of Henry Bergson
> and Marcel Proust, then two world wars, and a new attempt was made with UN
> seat and Charles deGaulle. Now since the Iraq war French international say
> waned.
> Gilles Deleuze who wrote once 'regionalisms' being 'fascisms'.
>  To the effect of Edouard Philipe thinking to declare to Mélenchon the
> latter was 'Conservatist' in the debate animated by Léa Salamé.  The 'world
> we live in' or 'being a revolutionary' with France Insoumise' said the
> prime minister to conclude the debate and l'émission.
> Europe Institutions, and (to what point is it the same?) most head of
> States in the Continent had it rather not to say, and let Mariano Rajoy
> obedients 'make it dirty'. What is at stakes is the Ideal  Question of
> Territory and the humans (and critters would say Donna Harraway?) relation
> to Territory.
> Macron is trying to bring a new degree in the digital revolution to the
> World from Europe from France.
> The question of 'Code du Travail', the question of the quality of work,
> how one worker has time to 'work the work' to de-code, the  relate with our
> work, I reckon holds some refractive relation with the Quality of Territory.
> Is it the Territorry of Beckett's S.D.F.? or the management of French
> Territory by a Federal EU or a Central Mélenchon State?
> It seems to none one either Central Institution of France or the EU can
> offer us an answer to the 'Barbarians' of the Roman Emprire, or the
> 'Democracy of the XIX siglo' (Whitehead) which digital revolution stands
> for in the beginning of the 21st Century a little bit everywhere on the
> planet.
> I anyway would say that if EU would be given by inhabitants, citizens of
> Europe, the power to manage the billions of Critters  Territories on the
> Continent, Beckett's study of Territory would prove wrong Deleuze's saying,
> that Catalunya claim of autonomy under EU Rule, is fascist.
> Barcelona is a beautiful city. The new Formula is not that the 'People is
> Lacking' but that The People is well here and now,  there, yet it lacks
> Philosophers. There is not enough concepts. (totally different than the
> Deleuze-Guattari claim [What is Philosophy?]  The Brains of the Inhabitants
> (and thus the Rulers' brains as well) are still circumnavigating around
> concepts produced by old 19-20th Centurys Central Institutions, see the
> Chapter on Regime de Signes in ATP for that matter. Our emotion are guided
> by emojis, our emotions are International, even more progressist than the
> EU digital revolution: we advance with Worldly (Off-) Internet Emotions.
> While our Concepts lag behind us.

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