[D-G] Hyphenation and de l'HyperObject

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Tue Mar 14 10:51:56 PDT 2017

Clued Up: Spielrein

Sabina was on it in 1912, with her Die Destruktion als Ursache des
Werdens [Destruction as a Cause of Coming Into Being]. Contrary to
Gustav Metzger's "amplification", we note an avian couple at the edge of
a pond on 11 Mar 2017, in which the stationary bird's song was clear in
all syllables. The nomadic counterpart, however, voiced a weak middle
syllable, reminiscent of the middle tine of the Impossible Trident,
which song was reiterated when it flew to a second tree. The homing
instinct of these avians, then, was accompanied by Deleuzo-Guattarian
triangulation (the second tree consisting of the third point of
reference). Thus Metzger's self cancellation has other expressions than
amplification for a creative unconscious, which is radically atheist. 

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