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Good, fun work. Thanks!
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just as a footnote, i thought to say: the same thought (about essence and
existence), if you continued it further in your mind, justifies to you to
the shut down of any electric, electronic appliance
every week-end on saturday: Saturnus, the God of Time, after we have read
Hamlet, is out of joint and needs to rest. it is so surprising that the
goethian dogmatists and lovers of the signified, who adopted the
roman-hellenic cult of Saturnus, don't shut down the Media Era, the whole
internet, the whole  two monthes of July and Augustus. they regulate the
servers of deleuze-guattari on spoon by moderation, would they not,
they would enjoy the warmth of the Sun, much more intensely, which, on a
deleuzian point of view is so pertinent. they would enjoy more the star
signifier. so Sunday the servers of dg need to close down please.
let's do something about it.
CC would you say, advises you not to follow the signs of logic of sensation
or language of the feelings(imperative signs)-
this is a  deep zone in deleuze.
but to get to this depth,
you need to remain warm around your skin.
the internet of facebooks wants to freeze you, it wants to give you a cold.
you have to have a control on your own.
you need to be able to regulate the climate, decide when its warm and when
its cold.
the servers of deleuze-guattari, as metaphors signified, cannot be  out of
touch on Monday, the day of the Winds, sublunar worlds.
Internet needs to be the sublunar world, sunday and saturday are for the
aristocracy of the souls who can reach to Post Ptolemaic Civilizations..


2017-07-07 4:06 GMT+02:00 Johnatan Petterson <internet.petterson at gmail.com>:

> hello all,
>> just waiting for a file to render & watching at the wall, outside, its
> night,
> watching at a moth, and cthinking.:
> what about the word "modus" used by the dyad deleuze guattari to describe
> a way of being .?
> the moth is flying here and there, hitting itself on the angles of the
> wall, looking,
> among other things, for the light photons emitted by the bulb.
> i am wondering. i say: okay, essence, i can grasp to call a being like the
> moth by "essence",
> something absolute like that, i can grasp it.
> but i say to myself: "modus" ! why this word?
> - say to myself : i am wondering: is it related to the different actions
> of the moths, like those during day time, etc,
> its collection of action, could i stretch the word "modus" to this
> collection of appendices?
> does that not make "modus" something quite platonician, quite "universal"
> when spinoza seemed to want to correct plato and the philosophers on that ?
> (see [for ex.] start of book4 ethics) .
> something "idealist" in the negative, nietzschean sense of "idealism"?
> essence is enough!
> why the need to want to add "modus"?
> to inscribe the animal, the moth, in the world of existence?
> but why this word, "modus"? its like "way of being" in french/latin, no?
> isn't it interesting if we want to relate with the moth?
> spinoza used to like spider and fly battle said colerus, and the other
> biographer?
> don't we want to relate to the essence?
> don't we want to be essentialists, sort of?
> what the hell what happens to the moth during day time!
> do you care about that??
> if yes, send a word or two as a form of answer!
> regards,
> Johnattan P.
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