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There is a desperation for other horizons as books are now disappearing
from library shelves to be replaced in cyberspace, though at a cost to
subscribe. We do not think that there are any places to go such as was
the spoons list say, in 1994 or so. Very little practical hands-on d&g
that would prompt boycotts, temporary autonomous zones, etc.

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>i think it's so exciting to be able to write, to inscribe,
>into the archives of spoon list.
>yet i would not demise some interactivity aswell,
>and so ask if one of the people subscribed to this current spoon,
>could point me to ways to become registered user/followers of other
>about the ATP writers?
>it seems from hover over facebook, groups (but have them seen them
>that users are either: 1)at university, in philosophy studies, and come
>into contact with dg in the course of their acadamic dense careering.
>2)artists with a silicon-grass root left wing or anarchist left wing
>leaning, and care for dg detailed concepts to document their
>of social and political movements.
>the second group is more heterogenous. but the rhizome tend to implode
>rather than grow, i'd say.
>do you have access to other Horizons?
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