[D-G] modus mothus

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 19:06:31 PDT 2017

hello all,

> just waiting for a file to render & watching at the wall, outside, its
watching at a moth, and cthinking.:
what about the word "modus" used by the dyad deleuze guattari to describe
a way of being .?
the moth is flying here and there, hitting itself on the angles of the
wall, looking,
among other things, for the light photons emitted by the bulb.
i am wondering. i say: okay, essence, i can grasp to call a being like the
moth by "essence",
something absolute like that, i can grasp it.
but i say to myself: "modus" ! why this word?
- say to myself : i am wondering: is it related to the different actions of
the moths, like those during day time, etc,
its collection of action, could i stretch the word "modus" to this
collection of appendices?
does that not make "modus" something quite platonician, quite "universal"
when spinoza seemed to want to correct plato and the philosophers on that ?
(see [for ex.] start of book4 ethics) .
something "idealist" in the negative, nietzschean sense of "idealism"?

essence is enough!
why the need to want to add "modus"?
to inscribe the animal, the moth, in the world of existence?

but why this word, "modus"? its like "way of being" in french/latin, no?

isn't it interesting if we want to relate with the moth?
spinoza used to like spider and fly battle said colerus, and the other

don't we want to relate to the essence?
don't we want to be essentialists, sort of?
what the hell what happens to the moth during day time!

do you care about that??
if yes, send a word or two as a form of answer!

Johnattan P.

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