[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Sat Feb 25 11:46:15 PST 2017

The French PTSD study reveals Guattari's passages on group problematics:

'However, the Anglo-Saxon techniques (such as Critical Incident Stress
Debriefing also known as the Mitchell model) are in total contrast with
the French approach. In the first case the emotional response is
controlled to ensure the pursuit of the group action....''

'On this point the postmoderns have hardly innovated! They are directly
inscribed in the very modernist tradition of structuralism, whose
influence on the human sciences it seems must have been relayed, in the
worst conditions, by Anglo-Saxon systemism.'
(SC p. 39)

Paradoxically, all horses and all camels originated in what is now
called the United States. Both cats and horses are exquisitely sensitive
to acetaminophen. The French PTSD report focuses on
catecholamine-O-methyltransferase and Julius Axelrod was one of the
first to use LSD in experimentation. Azelrod worked with acetaminophen
and was the discoverer of catecholamine-O-methyltransferase.

Julius Axelrod

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