[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

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If you have LOS, we don't, show where the mimesis is. The vertical axis
can't hold for Guattari's figures, which show four-quadrants for the
inversion of deterritorialization. Back to your first equation, which we
don't understand as yet: we can post the quadrants here for your take on
them relating to that equation. McKenna uses Girard's shallow reading of
D*G, so that's probably two shallow readings. Will have to look further
for exact place McKenna may mention continuity, though Guattari mentions
homothetic, a passage we can also post later.

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> "We have to take the "-ism" of terrorism
> seriously: it is a system" (69). This systemic, machinelike dimension
>essential, for it designates an absence of will, of autonomously
>agency, the illness of a will which I identify as desire, whose illness
>mimesis. I would say its essence is
>mimesis but for the fact that
>contradicts any notion of essence, of any internal
>self-sustaining identity. If there is a homology or structural
>continuity between state sovereignty and secret agency, as between
>deterrence and terrorism, it is because these forces are driven by the
>same machine, the "desiring machine." This is how Deleuze and Guattari
>designate human being, or being human, in the Anti-Oedipus, and this is
>just why Girard views their antipsychoanalytic and ostensibly
>emancipatory discourse as a "system of delirium."
> (McKenna AJ, Violence and Difference: Girard, Derrida,
>do some one knows in this server, if Plato has invented the notion of
>by himself or is / was mimesis a notion coming from the society ofwhich
>was member?
>:like if it had been invented by a corporate of Phidias? --the bath of
>immanence-- would say WIP?
>does McKenna AJ, V etc imply here desire to be constituted a continuum,
>i have personnaly not read Baudrillard, but it relates to "simulacrum",
>and mimesis is strongly supported in the simulacrum essay of Deleuze,
>seen in 1961 appendix to LOS.
>it thus look like to me that Plato 's invention of the concept of
>(if that ever happened..)would have been a kind of codex(?) that has
>brought to the
>posterity of intellect via his Philosophy?
>as a foot note just mention that desire machine if a same, continuum,
>would need be gone on the vertical axis of the agencies
>composed of reterr.& deterr.
>explored by DG in the Postulat du Language fourth Plato of ATP.,
>(ligne de fuite-K) is said to work
> "relays". but i Understand : McKenna speaks of a homology, a
>structural continuity.
>but i reckon this passage to "same machine" is somewhat nightmarish...
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