[D-G] La irradiacion pornographica del neozapatismo

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Thu Dec 28 14:26:25 PST 2017

The EZLN's agreement with the French institutional left becomes
problematic when noting, as Guattari has stated, that "The object of
the institution isn't an object at all. It is space." 

'Many Indian cadres of the EZLN were recruited in this manner following
local involvement in the religious communities and peasant
Furthermore, their political reasoning is impregnated with the
principles of liberation theology.'
(Beyond the Balaclavas of South East Mexico)

' " The sign and the divinity have the same place and the same time of
The age of the sign is essentially theological. It will perhaps never
[italics]). Its historical closure is (nonetheless outlined [it.])" [Of 
Grammatology p. 49]. We are, by language, culture, and tradition,
with divinity, accomplice to sacralization, predestined to
ontotheology. It is 
the task of deconstruction to reveal that complicity and to
contrary to ontotheological assumptions and by way of marking their
that the thing we take to be irreducibly itself, originally and 
insignificantly itself, "sol de non-signification," is always already a
(McKenna AJ, Violence and Difference p. 145)

'Lo bello no es ni la envoltura ni el objeto en su velo. Desvelado se 
mostraria infinitamente insignificante.'
(Beyond the Balaclavas of South East Mexico)

''If the moment of birth of the alliance between Big Warrior and
Crowell is 
cloudy, the issue that conceived it clearly emerged from the
controversy over 
the right of Christian missionaries to preach in the Nation....Crowell 
explained to Capers that the Creeks were suspicious of missionaries.
They had 
two major objections: missionaries worked their children too hard in 
agricultural and mechanical courses, which the Creeks interpreted as an
to make slaves of them; and missionaries wanted too much land and the
right to 
maintain herds that were too large on Creek lands. As Crowell
predicted, Big 
Warrior questioned Capers art length on these points.'
(Green MD, The Politics of Indian Removal: Creek Government and Society
Crisis, p. 63) 

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