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Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 09:10:57 PDT 2017

Perpignan. Yesterday I went to a reunion group, in order
to discuss and hear what intellectuals say about
the Sunday Election of a new President in
my country of adoption.

There was this guy reminding Deleuze 'Subjectivity & Empirism' Humean
"to enter a ghost city: do you hurl a spear at the door, or touch it's
doors with a finger?"
people then leaked some Hannah Arendt 'on revolution' texts. and then we
tried to
summarise, to 'make the point', that's what we came up with:

Now, our group thought it'd be wise to pass from a 5th to a 6th Republic,
and take as model what happened in Tunisia, and all folk gather
 into "constituting an assembly" a two years limited process after which,
there will be a referendum, to decide if the new constitution is adopted,
or not.

our group thinks its wise, not only because we 'feel' and 'desire' it, but
we have reflected & observed that since Third Republic, there has been a
wealthier society,
and changes in the fabric of this society, that need be translated so that
everyone can benefit and feel, and this wealth translates in happiness. we
found Mélenchon's
argument measured, giving us the way not to be obeying to the fear in us,
not getting a new car, if there is a redistribution of wealth in the 6th

there are adversaries, who pledge such a constituting assembly shall bring
five years of instability. we recon' we 'd get majority of 51% in the
second round,
Mélenchon, who is supported by intellectuals and alternative economists
and scientists, such as Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky
of the Intercept, and Macron being  probably supported by Obama & Hollande,
and LePen being probably supported by
Donald Trump and Vladimyr Putin, we thought we should ask, in order not to
listen to probabilities, to understand what shall happen next, this group
ideas on
what Deleuze and Guattari can tell about the Elections, and be of help of
Mélenchon who is a brilliant
State Man, of the like of de Gaulle, and knows how to behave well like with
next Chancellor in Germany,
would JL Mélenchon become as we hope, our President at least during those
two years of Constituting the next 6th Republic -
(France won't have a President,according to some of us) . JL Mélenchon, who
knows how to think like a State Man 'to be Big',
and will talk well with our partners in Europe, will be listened in and out
of France. At least he is listened by
both the establishment and the people, if such a distinction has any sense.
We think it may indeed have none! the
distinction showed up during the 2005Referendum organized by Chirac on an
European Constitution composed Under Valéry Giscard D'Estaing leadership.

it got refused by a majority of 'No'. Like Iraq War this 'No', and
Lisbon Treaty2007 duality,
is now a non-divisive Figure stygmatising the crowd of our group's
opinions, and machiavelian arguments.
In our group, we indeed think that we can share one of a trust in Hannah
Arendt's 'On Revolution' stance:
and say that we cannot claim to be doing revolution 'in the name' of the
'people', in reference to this duality.
the Juridical-Institutional is Agamben 's Biopolitic, at Homo Sacer
finger-tips.  it gives us freedom, subjectivities.
ignoring this, will bring discord. like spinoza's conatus, our group want
not to destroy, lest it be destroyed in return.(in more or less the same
that's what writer DHLawrence warned, that 1789 got followed up by Waterloo
and we in Perpignan know FabriceDeldongo's misadventures explained
by Stendhal in LaChartreuse de Parme! We don't yet want to return to
XIXCentury, yet, just as Mélenchon claims François Fillon thinks:
we are this 'Paroisse du XIXème Siècle', because our group does subscribe
to in French cultural heritage, which is both Juridico-Institutional,
and revolutionary,up to this moment. DHLawrence Fantasia of the Unconscious
was the Establishment of a Body without Organ, with diverse Plexus in a
We unsubmitted of everywhere, To become Adults & Big like Jean-Luc
Mélenchon, we need to develop in each singular Body, to diverse Brains
(more than the one in the Head: analysing Plexuses in their diversity as
they rule our Body) so that we can become with the
diverse movements in our Society, and avoid The Parish of the XXIst
Century, confronts in an open chaotic conflict with The Parish of the XIXst
and other Centuries'Parishes. Like Mélenchon, we desire Peace. That is how
helpful we thought the Becomings Theory comes to our Adult bodies, comes as
was in Deleuze & Guattari, was able to avoid Discord,
and avoid deconstruction of Fillon in the name of Change...

Johnatan Petterson.

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