[D-G] Sorcerie, secret service??

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sun May 20 06:41:56 PDT 2012

Dear list,

As you all know, in thousand plteaus ther is divison on sirceriy, ob blck and white magic. 

As everyone knows too, there is the "Siddhis" tradition
from "frreliogion", even present in the new testamentary (Jesus walekd on the water, waked up dead, etc..), 
going back to indian yoga or sifistc faqirism.

Beside that, prfressional "tricksterS2 in show buidnes came up,
rthe last most famous wads 2Uri GellER2, wo hasd 
s  show her in germany, im israel iand in USA
with "followers". 

I suspecct, that sectret service has at least some of "show tricksters" with a very elaborated technical equipment,#
with much more "trickS2than have been shown by Geller otr others. 

Im parapsychological books ther atee a lot of "TrickS",
verry astomnsdshing. Telrekineseis is "state of the art" there. 

Even as "tricks" very impressin g!!

Ther maybe real telekonbesis, but for sure there is "trick" telekinesis by tricksters. 

Now, scine quit a long time i Have very much troeble with suvchj a "trickster".
I am noot alone, ther are more people her in germany.

But the internet diescours is totally under control
of pepole controlled by someone from the govefrnment, I suspect.

There is vandakis, destroying a lot of things of me,  and a very frequrent use ogf "invusibilty" of someone acting. 

The aim is to destroy the chances in social life, at best by 
the psychiatrists.
Is ther anyonre in the list whi knows somethimng about such things? 
I susprectt, even the escientologists, which in my eyes have a connection 
to the governbemengt, are intersted in siuch tricks andtricjkksters,
in order to give some evidencde e to the exterrists,
which  I am denyinmg in any form. 

As I wrote, I suspect some "tricksters",.

There are a lot of governemtents in the worlsd
an a lot of other people in esoteric "buisness", 
sothat some "trickS2 and "Tricksters" are 

As a mathemastician, I am aware of
3 full professors of mathemastics,
personally quite good aquaintecd  to me, 
committing suicide.

Does anyone in the list has an experience with such things?  I mean, "invisible" tricksters abd tricks, "sorcerie" in general? 

greetings Harald Wenk

PS: I suspect my emails being read by something from the government. 




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