[D-G] Concepts seen as functions (malgosia askanas)

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Mon May 2 17:44:39 PDT 2011

But Rutger, if the virtual form of the letter A is, as you are 
proposing, its encoding as a series of 0s and 1s, and its 
actualization is its specific appearance on the computer screen, this 
does not happen without: (1) a standard of digital encoding of the 
Latin alphabet having been proposed, discussed, adopted and anounced; 
(2) somebody writing and compiling the particular program running in 
your computer; (3) electricity being supplied to your computer; (4) 
your computer executing code; (5) your screen holding together as a 
material object; etc., etc., etc. - all of which are energetic 
processes!   No?


At 1:40 AM +0200 5/3/11, Rutger H. Cornets de Groot wrote:
>Hi, Malgosia,
>It's been a long time!
>I cannot possibly answer these questions but I have some thoughts on 
>your first example of the virtual and actual. My idea is that there 
>is no need for energy functions or for a creative effort in order to 
>go from one to the other. The way I like to think about the virtual 
>and actual is that they are two states of one and the same. The 
>example that comes to mind is words, or even letters. We all know an 
>A when we see one, but when we do, it is always actual, which means 
>that it is attached to a medium. This may be a piece of paper, a 
>stone tablet, the bark of a tree or sand on the beach but it's 
>always material. The closest we get to its virtual form is when it 
>appears on a computer screen (or phone display, etc). We see it 
>compiled from digital code (one's and zero's), and its appearance 
>will depend on certain settings. Whichever way you look at it, 
>however, I don't think there is energy or creative effort involved 
>in these appearances or actualizations. I would simply say that the 
>virtual state of the letter A is indeed a concept, and not a 
>What do you think?
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