[D-G] Peirce, antromorphism, cinema, philosophoical enemies and critiques

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sat May 21 11:49:05 PDT 2011

Dear group,

I like to "inform you",
that there is explict anthropomorphism in the
foundational part of Peirce's philosophy.
Now, although this rules his phisophy  out as a "true" metaphysics,
it makes it applicable to a human artifical art like the cinema,
where everything is done, affected and percepted by human beings.

This productive use of a "critized to dead" philosophy,
as it is done by Deleuze in his vast use of Peirce's semiology
in his books on cinema, without
reminding the failure of Peirce's phlosophy
is a hint to his use of
philsopher in general, I think.
Contrary to common  habitudes in
philosophy, he uses other philsophers often
without  explicit detailed critque or

The "avantage" is, that a lot
of struggle in philosophical discussions
is spared, where the
"legimity" of the
of one of the participiants is
resultinmg often enough in hostility instad of
"differences" and a "blocking"
instad of a "creativity".

Therefore the explict condemations of philosophers,
like the ones against Kant and Wittegenstein,
which arre the root philosophers of very very strong academic tradition and
dispsotivs,  are to be taken even more serious.

I think, he condems even Heidegger and Husserl,
Sartre and Merlau-Ponty,
what he has done in condemming pheneomology,
by blaming it
to "invent a new psychologism",
athough the critique of psychologism is a the very root
of phenomology with Husserls
"logical inverestigations".

"Human, all to special, only for  humans"...for a true ontology and 
metaphysics...and .. PHILOSOPHY....

Therefore the insistance on the "cosmos" and "chaos" at Deleuez and  the"suprhuman"
and the "non oragnic" life againsrt phenomology.

Phenomonology is very very strong in academic institutions either.

In case of Kant it is the "transcendental" - the battle cry of all 
follloewwrs of Kant,
which Deleuze denies with his "iammanence" as often as possible.

greetings Harald Wenk

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