[D-G] Books on Deleuze and Guattari after 2000

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That would be great.  I'm working on a project now and think I have a reasonably good bibliography for it, but it certainly never hurts to check against something really authoritative.  Also, Charles, it is extremely interesting to read what you say about the chapters of Intersecting Lives of which you had some personal knowledge.  I'm only part way through the book myself, entirely an outsider, and have no way to  judge its accuracy.  Like Julia, I'm grateful just to have some knowledge of specifics. I have always had a certain slightly jejeune interest in the day-to-day lives of the people whose works I've studied--not very intellectually sophisticated, but I can't help it.  :-) One detail I found rather charming was that Guattari's nickname at La Borde was apparently "Speedy Guatt," because of his indefatigable drive and energy.  I can imagine him running around yelling at the nurses that it was their turn to do the dishes.  But then it couldn't have been "Speedy Guatt," must have been a French idiom for it, eh?

At any rate, one hopes there will be reviews of the work by those more in the know. 

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Dear Charles,

Send the attachment to me, at ma at panix.com.  I'll put it up somewhere
(in a non-Googled place) and send the URL to the list.


At 3:17 PM -0400 3/13/11, Charles J. Stivale wrote:
>Dear all,
>When I hear that something is "missing" from things
>Deleuze-Guattarian, such as a comprehensive and current
>bibliography, I start to itch (for lack of a better expression).
>Hence, the (currently) 31-page double-spaced bibliography that I
>have put together. Concern: would just posting that here as an
>attachment present any problems for downloading? I could place it on
>my web page (and will do so eventually), but I could not get to that
>until later in the week. Third option is just to send individual
>direct email attachments.
>Let me know
>CJ Stivale
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