[D-G] Books on Deleuze and Guattari after 2000

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Prof. Stivale is one of the major authorities on D&G, and it's great news that he's re-doing the concepts book. which I have found useful and also recommended to my students. It's always worth a visit to his web pages. I'm glad too that he mentioned Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text--I just ordered my copy.  Thanks Charlie.

The Dosse book is really fascinating--it somewhat transgresses the line of viewing D&G as post-personal subjects and other ontological niceties, but I'm finding out quite a bit, especially about Guattari.  I knew, for example, that he was a communist, but I had no idea that he was such a purist, sticking to the Trotsky line right through a split with the French Communist Party.  Also the details of early days at La Borde, the influence of Oury, the various relationships, fractures, splits, and reconciliations do give you some tempting facts.  It's hard not to consider that some of the milieu--and I use the word in D&G's own sense(s)--affected their re-reading of Freud along political lines.  It's not the only reason Anti-Oedipus turned out as it did of course; there are obviously thousands of other singularities, potentials, discursive formations, transversal becomings, and so forth.  But it is something I hadn't thought about much before reading Dosse.  I'd be interested to know how others feel.

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Thank you everybody. I sort of fell behind following new books on Deleuze
and Guattari (articles are different story, I've got most of them), but I
think I can get it sorted out now with those three books C. Stivale

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