[D-G] Creativity is resistancnce

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Wed Mar 30 08:52:44 PDT 2011


The more poular
reference is the one befor e last article

I like toadd fpr Tamkredo,
taht my caluiclations ofet dieefentail equation ofteh circle
is teh simplest case of
eth very sophsiticatd, treatment of ODEs,
inaugurated by poincare,
wher in X/Y
X and Y are polynoms (that is includimng ODE's of arbitrary higher orders).

It is algrabic by Galois theory.

But it si not, what Deleuze, does,
as he goes back to
to the "metaphysics" of the difference,
where the "metapyhsics" of the differential occurs.

But, as often, one may go back to the metapyhsics
as in general,
reasonings inclunding infinities
are relgated to mathematics to a high degree -
forgetting the "metaphysical" argumentations.

So, it is possible to get them back out of the mathematics.

Ther is a matheamtical refeenc e for that, if you are interested,
but it is more advanced and difficult than the one of Hirsch &Smale

greetings Harald Wenk

of the body of the reply.

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