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On the Deluzo-Guattarian east-west axis during the year 1968, there were 
CHIKV(Chikungunya virus) outbreaks on the West African coast (Senegal) and in 
Luzon, The Philippines. The Reston, Virginia strain of ebola-like virus came 
from monkeys shipped from Luzon and also a Maccaca (Rhesus) shipped from India. 
Thus, on the capitalist north-south Deluzo-Guattarian axis, both human- and 
natural-induced weather patterns coincide with CHIKV outbreaks on the eastern 
coast of northern Italy in 2007. The virus is more virulent amongst the Asian 
strains, yet pregnant and diabetic-compromised women on the east coast of 
(southern[italics]) Italy, especially at Penne, risk hemorrhage and possibly 
trans-placental transmission of CHIKV. Because collagen synthesis is involved in 
fetus formation, we point to alphaviruses now being used as vectors in HIV-1 
therapeutics. CHIKV is an alphavirus. Origins of immunodeficiency viruses as 
well as CHIKV place the epicenter in West Africa. Most investigators are trained 
to think that CHIKV is transmitted by mosquitoes. Another aspect may be older 
than mosquitoes: ticks, especially of the genus Ornithodorus. CHIKV has been 
found in Ornithodorus in Senegal, and it is in Senegal that Edward Hooper (The 
River: Journey to the Origins of HIV-Aids) hypothesizes the origin of HIV-2.

Viroid life and its art places CHIKV along a trajectory and philosophy of 
capitalism-induced disease.


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