[D-G] The NMother Tongue

charles hubaker solntsepyati at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 12 12:27:41 PST 2011

Forcing the Masonic template onto itinerant nomadics such as Wenk is not that 
exicting, either.

'But I would never (say[italics]) what I write.'
(Gilles Deleuze)

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Ah, yes, writing "dogmqatic slumnber" is definitely a revolutionary act!  But 
how come there are no typos and ungrammaticalities in D&G's books?  They seem, 
on the contrary, to be written in perfectly dogmqatic, slumnbering, 
grammatically and orthographically impeccable French, no?

At 11:45 AM -0800 1/12/11, charles hubaker wrote:
>As D & G have suggested, scramble the code: it forces awake the dogmqatic
>slumnber of the NMother Tongue.
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