[D-G] For tancrd. Best book on OFDE#s in USA by Hirsch and Smale

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Mon Jan 10 12:25:30 PST 2011

Dear Tancredo,

The best book ob ODE's I konwow si by
Hirsch ansd smale. Ordinary Differental equations.
It is reall ygoog and esespecailly Smale is a gaint i matheamtiocs,
famous for globkl analysis, analysis on function spaces.

I like to add, taht in the Nietzsvch vbook
the quotient
y-y_0 /x - x_0

Rpresents both.
The force difference in y, the force difference in ix
and tehri quotiont, whcih brings abozt ALL THREE FORCES,
the rewsulting forc, dy/dx is a new forc in general.

You know the famous ananlysis
of Newtion's first law keeping direction and force of movemnt wghicf h wotuld
be dy/dx.
dx could be a graviational force,
dy could be the old actual velocity vector

The circle is x² + y² = R²

The derivation of The ODE and the polar coordinates as its solution
of the ODE is original by me.

It could be made even more clear. But, in polar coordinates,
r is independent of t, or you get circles if you take a constant r.

Hopefully you got the opportunity to read hjemselve in original, especially "Language".
He is really got and the lattice of expresssion is very important and more generaöl in D&G.

I like to mention, that Wittgenstein took a lot from Spinoza,
especially in logic, wher his "tractatus"
is written after a thorough reading of Spinozas "tractati".

In Kant, neurology is missing.
Ironical enough, this "lack" is almost repaired in
the anti-oedipe.

much more intersting and has even to do with
Nietzsche declarw himselfe as the represnt of the circle.
I mean, Kant's aesthetics "lives" from pure "Cognition",
starting from the senses,
so to speak,
while the ritournelle
has territorial,
and sexual  aspects even connects us "ethological""
to the animals, especially birds.

"To see the better and take teh worese si te root of al faults, especailly the "Moral" one's,
is what is Spinoza on that issue of the choice betwen the two "aesthetics".


Harald Wenk

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