[D-G] Math class

malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Sat Apr 30 12:01:05 PDT 2011

>if I were you I'd keep auditing that math class.

Heh heh, I would say that your post warrants, instead, the opposite 
conclusion.  If you're using DeLanda's authority, and DeLanda (by his 
own claim) explains those fields of math to a degree sufficient for 
an understanding of Deleuze, than why should one take a math class? 
One should simply read DeLanda.  Besides, Jeff's calculus class is 
not going to cover differential geometry or group theory, so 
definitely reading DeLanda (if one believes DeLanda, that is) would 
be preferable, since he (presumably) kills all those mathematical 
birds with a single stone.


At 10:34 AM -0700 4/30/11, <henrybrs at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>from the introduction to intensive science and virtual philosophy by 
>manuel delanda:
>"I draw on the same mathematical resources as Deleuze (differential 
>geometry, group theory) but, unlike him, I do not assume the reader 
>is already familiar with these fields.  Deleuze's grasp of the 
>technical details involved is, I hope to show completely adequate 
>(by analytical philosophy standards), but his discussion of 
>technical details is so compressed, and assumes so much on the part 
>of the reader, that it is bound to be misinterpreted."
>I'm not saying whose right and who's wrong, but if I were you I'd 
>keep auditing that math class.

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