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Cain, Prof. Jeffrey P. CainJ at sacredheart.edu
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Needess to say, I've been paying close attention to the discussion as it goes forward and shall continue to do so.  One thing that slightly concerns me is the possibility that in some contexts mathematical terms can be used as metaphors rather than as words with a solid denotative sense.  This, it seems to me, would not be all that productive, although I'm the least skilled in the bunch at the moment. I hasten to add that I'm not charging anyone with doing that, just pointing out that it's a potential pitfall.  Actually, I sometimes think Lacan is doing it--his use of the "asymptote" is an example, perhaps not a good one--and definitely don't want to think D&G are.

Just a thought.


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Dear All,

Harald claims that his computer sabotages his writing and prevents him from making its surface less opaque.   If any of you find yourself joyously deciphering his posts, it would be greatly appreciated if you could repost a less opaque version of them.

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