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Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Wed Apr 6 11:28:42 PDT 2011

Dear Tankredo,

concerning the occurence of Salomon Mainon in the chapter on "the differential"
in "difference and repetion", where you remarked that Kant himself
declared  Maimon as the only one, who had "really" understood him,
I found, taht DEleuz ascribes Mainon a genetic connstruction of categories,
hwe at Kant himseölf tehr is only spoem sort odf "describiing
uncahngebale trnscendetals.

as Spinoza was much more wellkonown as we noewafdays knw at tiemsof Kant,
the critic of Deleuze may have been already ther at the times of Kant
and Kant's defense was the attempt to
use Maimon as a "follower".

But, clearly Deleuze declares Maimon as AntiKantian
or at leat as one going beyond Kant.

´The critic of a lack of genetics of the categioreis of Kant has bene taken up by Hegel
who spoke of as "bag of (underived H.W.) abilities" at Kant.

Indeed, the critic of lacking "genetic" of "derivation"
is very "popular" here in Germany concerning Kant.

So, for Deleuz Maimon is not the onbe who "really undrestood" Kant,
but one who critizeses him correctly in a constructive manner.

the disciussuionof a "potence more" in differential calculus

from Lagrange, also treated by Marx in his "matemativcal mansuciptes",
has ben taken up by Hergekl
and is still reproduced by Deleuez in
"What is philsophy".

But thge fractals of fractional diemnsions,

present at the meneient imporstnmt "Brownian Motion",
wher alsmst the whole of  the theory of stochastic processes is build on,
is the real matehmatical model,
which ist to eb trated beneath teh differental calculcus.

Thsi is also to be found, wehr you expect it.
In the cahptrt of "matemativcal modesl"
in tehcchalpter
"smooth  Spaces and marked spaces"
in "Thousand plateuas", the one before last "plateaux".

I like to emphasize again
the importance of the statistics and the Brwonain Motion
and the very depth of the scientfic insights of Deleuze
concerning matehmatics.
Even so the one of the mathematicans themselves.
The theors of stochastic prcesses is realy very developped.
Social scientists or thge ones from humnsities could make much more use of it.
Economists do it for financial markets.

"Mathematicians and musicians have
gone very far in the construction of such manifolds"..

Deleuz also makes very frequently use of Rene Thom's "structual stability and

His main source in open declared mathrematical philosophy is Lautmann,
only better known in France.


Harald Wenk

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