[D-G] Agency

Teresa Mayne teresa.mayne at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 18:05:39 PST 2010

I am very new to Deleuze and am working through Difference and Repetition
for the second time, but I didn't really understand a word of it the first
time.  I was wondering if anyone can help me clarify some issues in regards
to agency.  My train of thinking is going as follows: Agency is a concept
that is created by an assemblage of affect - where affect is not reducible
to the emotions, because that would be positing a cause where there is only
effect?  Agency can also not be reducible to identity.  Would ascribing
agency be positing a cause in that I am the one who causes this or that and
therefore relying on identity.  Consequently, relying on meaning to justify
the effect, which is the act.

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