[D-G] Superplus Volume III: The Monad/Nomad

Edmund Zagorin multiplicit at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 13:10:25 PST 2010

Superplus Vol III: The Monad/Nomad, a culture-theory pataphysics journal,
features microtheory contributions and ad hoc ethnographies of virtual
worlds, from the gravesites on Facebook to the gender politics of Second
Life. Give it a poke through!

If you'd prefer to order a print copy, they are $4.20 plus shipping from
MagCloud, available here http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/125259

Also, please see Zazzle for Superplus paraphernalia available here

If you are interested in contributing to the next edition of Superplus**,
the theme is cultural error-replication and the literary theory of
artificially composed texts (e.g. the randomly generated nonpoetry of spam
email). Please contact us at multiplicit at gmail.com and/or
superplusa2 at gmail.com for submissions and other queries.

The Editors,
Superplus Journal of Radical Perception

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