[D-G] New publication: Sensation, Contemporary Poetry and succcess for your figth in Middlesex

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sun May 30 07:04:25 PDT 2010

Dear Mr. Clay,

I like poetry too and agree to Mr. Bains,  especially because a lot of
valuable cultural heritage is made by this
"productive  apparatus".

Additionally I like to support your fight against the closure of your 
philosophy depattement in midddlesex.
In Wuppertal such a fight was supported by a lot of "normal people" and 
Hee in Germany, especially in the Ruhr region, where a lot of new 
universities have been build, the idea of sparing a department and 
transfering teh students to the next universtiý is often used.

greetings Harald Wenk

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>   1. Re:  New publication: Sensation, Contemporary Poetry and
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> Interesting! I always remember Guattari's comment about poetry in 
> Chaosmosis
> "The productive apparatuses of subjectivity can exist at the level of
> megapoli as easily as at the level of individual's language games. And to
> learn the intimate workings of this production, these ruptures of meaning
> that are auto-foundational of existence - poetry, today, might have more 
> to
> teach us than the economic sciences, the human sciences and psychoanalysis
> combined!" (p.21).
> I really should read some poetry - never seemed to make the time.
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