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Dear Xavier,

I am aware of the "hypnotic" and automatizing effect
of images in general, in spite Deleuze wrote a two volume book on
cinema. CGI are used in films nowadays. The last very succesful is the 
But of course, the inspiration of liteates or ontology itself or "the earth"
are much more impressing and making alive.

The "no image of god" law in chritinity and islam, ther going to no image at 
all,  maybe some  hint to it.

The esotaric foramalizations and expressions are indeed there from the 
of the human strata, "technics" and the complex scholar languages (Sanskrit, 
babylonoan, Pali, etc)
and a lot of ccontent from the "colorful picture of all, what had been 
believed" (Nietzsche + D&G), and a lot of jargons  orginates from it.

The questipn of religion, earth , terrotiy and ritornell are very complex.
At the moment i am absorbed in this question by Spinozas view of 
taken up by D&G.
The "atuning" to the earth, not only passive but also active
is very very inteseting, waves or something else.

The link to Eliade is also present in his integral view of religion view 
from Schamanism to Yoga.

The tackling of the question of eternal life is a key one, which is 
formulated in yoga
(the last root of suffering is fear of death, which causes ignorance).
This is the another formulation of spinozas esence by instinct 
self-perservation of
at least human.

Schamansim is obsessed of eternal soul question, as far as I remember.

best regards


PS: I like some prolifaration, which in case of creative "ideas"  is 
ontological affirmed.

--------------------------------------------------If you are afan of 
literates, the "hugework of Lovecraft" with his
prblenm of
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> Harald wrote :
> (snip)
> As the computers in production are wholly in the hand of the capitalists,
> from their point of view, their possibiltity to "play" with the neccesity 
> of
> the present workers and the
> times of production and the possibilities of their substitution are very
> enlarged.
> As programs are even more "esoteric", not or very seldom public discussed
> and if very fruitless, the "dangerous" intellutcual work is banned from
> direct production to a very large
> extent.
> Therefore, intellectual work is very much pulled to media and to politics.
> But here, we have the calamity, that question of power are more and more
> decided by property of money or dedictaed to
> the power of directing the property of money.
> (snip)
> Dear Harald,
> Thank you for answering the problem set by my three days ago posting.
> It was indeed automated formating which -- in my vision of the thing --
> explains something about alienation of work and workers.
> All the sadness and uglyness going with it along.
> At the same time, what you hint to be as this Esoteric Hidden Monster was 
> it
> not
> all yet present since say the days  human strata (tools and signs) came to
> the surface
> into its birth, existence?
> It seems often mental/physical difficulty to address the esoteric issue
> could be resolved, one day, in "making the step", "faire un pas" as said
> a photographer once visionary into XXcentury ( a friend of Gherasim Lucca)
> CGI are not a bliss, my problem is that it serves nearly to 100percent in
> accademical art
> mentality, the later which, to my opinion is not derived from the Universe
> of art itself,
> but from (could I say?) some philosophy, or at least reasoning?
> and that the CGisters take their bliss for what in humble vision of me is
> repetitive cliche
> and boredom in automated visions. & there of course comes the opportunity
> to regulate the codes and the frustrations
> when the addressing of the issue, to quote you say, is "ignored"
> it might be due to the fact that you are
> addressing the issue of power of some daimoniac entity
> that rules with Envy the thoughts of Innocent Mankind.
> There's another ring thing. In Refrain (Ritournelle)
> a part from the fact that
> i would enjoy the PAGE (x) wherein there's reference
> to religion enlarged and explained to me (cfr. birds as forces of the air
> and fishes as forces of the salted waters) in Mircea Eliade (Treaty of
> History of Religions)
> with the Earth being in the center of the territory
> aswell as being meanwhile far, far away (and yet finding nothing alas of
> this in M Eliades book)
> from it, i think it would
> be interesting to seek
> this issue of automatism and alienation from
> the point of view of territory.
> but i think i might cannot do it here,
> i need to construct it bits by bits,
> with visions and sounds
> i am not sure if reading,
> if carry on reading Empire will lead me somewhere.
> thanks for your full answer anywhere
> Regards,
> Xavier
> .
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