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Tue May 4 20:17:02 PDT 2010

My impression was that the Unconscious was
a field wherin machines could connect.
The Unconscious was like the Internet,
which is not a machine.
A machine is useful for the Individual
when it provides him & her stuffs (qualities and quantities)
otherwise don't get. At the opposite pole
you have the Internet as an insuperable inertia
which it is impossible to think, which is why I think
I want to stated it was like an Unconscious.
But the idea of Unconscious is almost
like religious. Something that you do not
understand, you send it to the category "Unconscious".
Deleuze & Guattari strived hard to get everything
productive (please correct me if wrong ).
I think labor is a fun, and that there is no fear
to get payd for doing labor or for not doing it, as Negri is stated 
in Wikkipedia French.
There's no need to fear that the world will stop spinning on itself.
If people are paid for not working, something interesting
will happen. Because people will learn how to play/work.

No, something which is less evident for me, is what Hardt & Negri 
state in the first chapter of Empire.
They are saying, they are uttering, that machines were created to get 
rid of autonomy due to the workers strikes and revolutions. The 
benefit of revolutions hampered by new technologicall devices. If 
someone could justify, or more simply explain the passage to me, he 
and she would be most welcome.

Honestly, I am even getting to the point of doubting, unsure there's 
an Empire, due to the fact I lack the eyes, the dispositif, the 
post-human eyes to see through it with clarity, clear. Of course it 
would not anymore be called the "eyes". I see one benefit in machines 
to that respect, for the Individuals/Multitudes, in the machines: to 
fashion such eyes.

My Deep Respect

Xavier Buades

2010/3/24 Sylvie Ruelle 
<<mailto:sylvie_ruelle en sbcglobal.net>sylvie_ruelle en sbcglobal.net>

I am trying to understand the benefit of machines to individuals?  I 
see that machines interact with the unconscious, I think.

Sylvie Ruelle
Arcata, CA
<mailto:sylvie_ruelle en sbcglobal.net>sylvie_ruelle en sbcglobal.net

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