[D-G] becomings // singular becomings - guattari

alex calcagno silentbones at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 11:35:43 PDT 2010


I'm having trouble understanding this concept.
Well, i feel like i have a good grasp on it as a *concept* but Guattari
seems to only ever explain it (at least in *Chaosophy, Soft Subversions, *and
*Chaosmosis)* in negation to Freudian reductionism. He tells us what
becomings are theoretically and hypothetically, and he tells us what they
are *not*, in their disassociation from Freud, but how can we envision and
materialize becomings on a practical level? The example in *A Thousand
Plateaus* of the Wolfman is the only thing i can think of in terms of a
concrete example, but even then,  i don't understand his idea of *"singular"
becomings* on a similar level of praxis. Any helpful thoughts?


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