[D-G] antonio negri

Mas Que Palabras xavier.buades at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 17:14:21 PDT 2010


i am not sure its the right place to ask the question

sorry if it was not

i assume also that this archive and mailing list
is read with any one with
a connection
to it

do you think that the message of tony negri in empire
is that we resolve is making one state apparatus
for the whole humane planet, as
naomi klein and others (?) claimed in copenhagen claimed
for an ecological justice
instead of an apparatus
that would be like a roman Empire

with hierarchies and (molar or molecular) centers of powers??

i am perhaps a bit off
not knowing
if anarchic or communist
would qualify what my
possible ideas are.

and even not knowing if those words
get any sense in the moment.

i salute chris jones and mark crosby
for past friendship
w xavier.

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