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All very interesting but what has any of it to do with whether the 
list is moderated or not? Why not just engage with some text as 
Malgosia has done? Using email to express your discontent of email is 
just very stupid, If you really hate email start a 'real' revolution 
instead (and write am interesting book ), Why bother with this cyber 

Sloughing one's skin.-The snake that cannot slough its skin perishes. 
Likewise spirits which are prevented from changing their opinions; 
they cease to be spirits (Nietzsche: Daybreak:V:573)

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Well, poor parenting of Americans and the keeping in the compound of foreign
workers in Arabia so that they don't mess with village girls in the night are
two exemplars of this fencing idea: never praising BP for not making a mistake
while it was supplying the petrol addicts, fences off, ahistoricizes, time and
space as a kind of pedophiliac model for the kids to mimic later on, when they
are old enough to drive.

Wahhabism is a fenced-off idea from Arabia that still wishes to expand. The
Wahhabist 'wedge' gets injected into Chechnya. Yet....

'Skoro u vakhkhabitov poiavilis' nekotorye perspektivy v etom 
napravlenni V 1937
Standard Oil Company of California (nyne -- Chevron Texaco) nashla 
pervuiu neft'
v Saudovskoi Arabii.'
(Paul Klebnikov, Interview with a Barbarian pp. 222-3)

Unfortunately, this book is still awaiting translation. The reader, however, by
romanization, does have the means to do so themselves if interested.

Politkovskaya's passage on Daghestanians who get to see their first 
black person
is a must-read, for the black persons now showing up where in the past there
were none, is precisely the Wahhabist wedge we are referring to, as well as the
D&G book-cover colors cobalt-teal and khaki. In Politkovskaya's Daghestan, the
Wahhabi is a huge, armed, black female who struts the streets of the village.

We note the black mmigrations from the ghettos of Los Angeles within the past
1.5 decades, and before the first Arab president of the U.S. entered the White
House, at least one southwestern mosque had already been built. NOw, Arab-owned
Duke Power Company is calling and harrassing customers who are tardy in paying
their bills (Indiana).

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