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Wed Aug 18 11:08:15 PDT 2010

Harald & others,

I think the main problem is that I was writing about within the confines
of the Pseudo of Xavier Buades, while I have used other weirdo pseudos in
the past on this list. People on this list, please understand that I have
been writing things which could be shoking only so if you do not understand
that I was in a terrible psychological anguish that you CANNOT imagine, and
sometimes recovering with dope and alcohol, perhaps putting horrible shit
into the Internet, which to me, within the movement of my writing them then,
seemed acceptable as sheer funny delicious delirious --wanking.  Now, time
having lapsed, I can reconsider my behaviour on the list within morality
shemes , possibly with the help of colisters. I do not consider myself an
extremist, and particularily not a right extremist as you imply i am. It's
False. You are trying to torture me and I don't know why, maybe its
machinic. Felix Guattari questioned btw this notion of being "on the left,
or on the right". I think the reason why so he uttered is he wanted to go
further towards a human prehension of the Metaphysical Reality, some Salute.
the task for me could thus become to construct a humanist plane of
immanence. This is horribly difficult a task, given the elements provided by
the meteors. But I think we should work together and not shoot sensless
words into each others, for reasons I do not really grasp, understand...

Now Harald, I have not pursued my reading of Empire by Tony Negri & Michael
Hardt, postponing your interesting intervention/idea in seeing it from the
angle of book Anomaly Sauvage as Metaphysics as Politics. due to the fact
that I am busy with my movie, and also reading Arnold Toynbee's History.
Toynbee presented models for thinking, that in some respect seem optimistic,
but which needs to be discussed, perhaps in my head, perhaps here, or
elswhere. And those models seem to have interested Deleuze (see his courses
in Paris VIII online, & see Christian Kerslake online aswell). I hoped to
have a discussion about it in the future, not about the past. But I cannot
tell when I will have finished this so interesting Toynbee album!!!


Regards Charles,
Regards John
and Regards Harald



2010/8/17 Harald Wenk <hwenk at web.de>

> Dear Charles,
> I am not quite sure what you mean.
> An example is the fencing-in of construction sites in the U.S. Not many
>> were
>> paying attention, because this practice had already been part and parcel
>> of the
>> American West.
> Would yo be so kind to explain it an european a little bit more?
> greetings Harald
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