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charles hubaker solntsepyati at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 16:47:34 PDT 2010

Answer to Wenk later on.

Current Yahoo news is mentioning Barnes and Noble's plight, as well as 
stigmatizing it for being old-fashioned. But the book burners have stolen not 
only serendipity and free browsing from you in three dimensions. Remember, the 
title A Thousand Plateaus was not the first thing perceived: it was the colors 
of the original translation into English. Those colors were what one would call 
teal and khaki, and may be compared with the red, black and white of the Nazi 
flag; the latter assemblage being the most easily perceived on the open seas.

Thus, D&G presupposed the capitalist.

On another note: no, it appears that what we are witnessing with the fencing 
situation is non other than Wahhabism being injectied into the American rhizome. 
More on this later, along with a Politkovskaya passage from the Chechen Dirty 
War, a war thast the West for the most part ignored. This is the two e-mails 
coercion in another form.


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