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French archaeology's discovery of the 8,000-year-old Paijan man on the coast of Peru is compared with Putin's election campagin:

'By morning there was no more incredulity. Russia, rejecting the lies and arrogance of the democrats, had mutely surrendered herself to Putin. A majority had voted for the phantom United Russia Party, whose sole political program was to support Putin. United Russia had rallied Russia's bureaucrats to its banner -- all the former Soviet Communist Party and the You8ng Communist League functionaries now employed by myriad government agencies -- and they had jointly allocated huge sums of money to promote its electoral deceptions.

Reports we received from the regions show how this was done. Outside one of the polling stations in Saratov, a lady was dispensing free vodka at a table with a banner that read "Vote for Tretiak." Tretiak won.'
(Politkovskaya A, A Russian Diary, Random House (2007) p. 4 The Death of Russian Parliamentary Democracy: How Did Putin Get Reelected?)

At the burial of the Paijan man, a young boy of approximately 12 years of age, the body was placed on a bed of ashes and a fish vertebra was located near the sacrum.  Kamchadal chicha 'sacrum,' and the fermented drink known as chicha, coincide with the following reports from Graham-Yooll, A., Tiempo de tragedias y esperanzas: Cronologia historica 1955-2005 De Paron e Kirchener, Lumiere (2006):

'19 Diciembre 1994 Fujimori, de visita en la Argentinaes condecorado por Menem.

20 Diciembre 1994 Le devaluacion en Mejico repercute en la Bolsa portena. Esta devaluacion, decidida por el presidente Ernesto Zedillo, provoca el clamado Efecto Tequila, que afecta durante 1995.

1 Enero 1995 Fernando Henrique Cardoso -- 63 anos -- exiliado politico y academico, jura en Brasil como 38th presidente.

2 Enero 1995 Se forma Mercosur, integrado por Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uruguay. Firman el Tratado de Asuncio, proyecto de un mercado comun del Cono Cur, un bloque comkercial que unira a los cuatro paises en una zona de libre comercio, incluyendo el 44% de la poblacion de la region y el 51% de su PBI>'

Thus, just before the First Chechen War, Fujimori visits South America, yet arrives on the opposite side to the one that would be his political home, Peru.


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