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New book: Deleuze and Performance (Deleuze Connections Series, 
Edinburgh University Press)

Deleuze and Performance, edited and introduced by Laura Cull, 
Edinburgh University Press (June 2009)

Deleuze and Performance

Edited by Laura Cull
June 2009, Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748635047


Was performance important to Deleuze? Is Deleuze important to 
performance; to its practical, as well as theoretical, research? What 
are the implications of Deleuze's philosophy of difference, process 
and becoming, for Performance Studies, a field in which many continue 
to privilege the notion of performance as representation, as anchored 
by its imitation of an identity: 'the world', 'the play', 'the self'?

Deleuze and Performance is a collection of new essays dedicated to 
Deleuze's writing on theatre and to the productivity of his 
philosophy for (re)thinking performance. This book provides rigorous 
analyses of Deleuze's writings on theatre practitioners such as 
Artaud, Beckett and Carmelo Bene, as well as offering innovative 
readings of historical and contemporary performance including 
performance art, dance, new media performance, theatre and opera, 
which use Deleuze's concepts in exciting new ways. Can philosophy 
follow Deleuze in overcoming the antitheatrical tradition embedded in 
its history, perhaps even reconsidering what it means to think in the 
light of the embodied insights of performance's practitioners?

Experts from the fields of Performance Studies and Deleuze Studies 
come together in this volume and strive to examine these and other 
issues in a manner that will be challenging, yet accessible to 
students and established scholars alike.

Introduction - Laura Cull
Chapter 1: Performing in the Chaosmos: Farts, Follicles, Mathematics, 
and Delirium in Deleuze - Herbert Blau
Chapter 2: I Artaud BwO: The Uses of Artaud¹s To have Done with the 
judgement of God ­ Edward Scheer
Chapter 3: Expression and Affect in Kleist, Beckett, and Deleuze - 
Anthony Uhlmann
Chapter 4: A Theatre of Subtractive Extinction: Bene without Deleuze 
- Lorenzo Chiesa
Chapter 5: Performing, Strolling, Thinking: From Minor Literature to 
Theatre of the Future - Daniel Watt and Off the beaten path or, notes 
towards a Heideggerian deterritorialization: a response to Daniel 
Watt - Julian Wolfreys
Chapter 6: Becoming a Citizen of the World: Deleuze between Allan 
Kaprow and Adrian Piper - Stephen Zepke
Chapter 7: sub specie durationis - Matthew Goulish and Laura Cull
Chapter 8: Thinking through Theatre - Maaike Bleeker
Chapter 9: Becoming­Dinosaur: Collective Process and Movement 
Aesthetics - Anna Hickey-Moody
Chapter 10: Šof butterflies, bodies and biogramsŠ Affective spaces in 
performativities in the performance of Madama Butterfly - Barbara 
Chapter 11: Like a Prosthesis: Critical Performance à Digital Deleuze 
- Timothy Murray
Chapter 12: Performance as the Distribution of Life: From Aeschylus 
to Chekhov to VJing via Deleuze and Guattari - Andrew Murphie
Chapter 13: The Œminor¹ arithmetic of rhythm: imagining digital 
technologies for dance - Stamatia Portanova

Laura Cull is Lecturer in the Department of the Arts at Northumbria 
University, Newcastle upon Tyne. She is also an artist, exhibiting 
internationally as an individual and as a member of the collective, 

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