[D-G] internal, external teleology, immanence, transcendence

filip fildh at gmx.net
Sat Jul 4 09:43:04 PDT 2009

Hello everybody,

i got some questions.
In "difference and repetition" and "la conception de la difference cheze 
bergson" deleuze attacks some philosophers for seeing difference as 
external difference or not as difference at all.

*1)aristotles: *difference between things is no real difference
still Aristotels uses internal teleology which gives the things there 
own purpose and power
aristotles needs the unmoved move to give a final acoount of what is: so 
that makes him a transcendent philosopher?

*2)mechanism: *difference as a closed mechanical structure : no newness 
is possible.
mechanism is using an internal teleological model: is this true ?

*3)darwin:* difference is not evolution of species but evolution of 
life. evolution of species
does not give an fundamental account on live itself
how does Darwin see the true nature of life ? immanent / transcendent.

*4)plato:* difference is not teleological inspired: the good is external 
to life.
plato has an external teleological model. Is an external teleological 
model not always transcendent ?

*5)hegel* : difference is going to an "infinte externality": thing 
differs with all the rest.
hegel is using an interal teleology, but needs an external at the end ? 
is this true ?


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